The importance of Vitamin D in Autumn

It is a fact that vitamin D is one of the essential substances in the life of human beings. As it could not be otherwise, the influence of the sun is fundamental.

In summer we have it very easy but, what do we do to maintain the Vitamin D in Autumn? At this time of year, sunbathing is no longer available to everyone and therefore a lack of vitamin D can have important consequences on our bodies.

Vitamin D helps us to absorb calcium, which as we know is one of the fundamental minerals in the normal formation of bones. In children it helps to produce and maintain the bone system. Another important function and no less important, is its contribution to the good maintenance of the organs.

Sunlight is essential for our body to produce melatonin, better known as the sleep hormone. Those who live in houses with less light, low flats, or with little natural light suffer the consequences in autumn of not being able to enjoy direct sunlight. In addition to the lack of sunshine, a lack of calcium in our diet also causes Vitamin D deficiencies. As a result we are faced with an increase in risk factors for developing rickets in children and osteoporosis, hypocalcaemia and osteomalacia (a pathology that weakens the bones) in adults.

Reserving space in our busy schedule for correct direct exposure to the sun together with a diet rich in fatty fish, fish liver oils, milk, eggs and butter, meats and mushrooms, are the keys that experts advise to maintain the Vitamin D in our organism. Paraiso Pueblo is located on the slopes of Marbella, in the heart of the municipality of Benahavis, just a few minutes drive from Puerto Banus, Estepona and the golden beaches of the Costa del Sol.

Benahavís is a real natural touristic treasure. A privileged environment, with an average temperature of 19 °C per year and more than 320 days of sunshine. An average of 2,905 hours of sunshine, according to the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet).

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