Paraiso Pueblo reflects the traditional atmosphere of an Andalusian village and does so by taking care of even the smallest detail, as in the names of its streets, where it pays homage to one its most renowned Malagueños, such as the iconic fashion designer, artist and film maker, David Delfín.

Innovative in all areas of his work, David Delfín’s collections were different, but in all of them a truly distinctive language was recognised. This unique, yet humble and recognizable work resulted in the National Fashion Design Award 2016. The couturier’s name will always be associated with the province of Malaga where he grew up and where he began to express he artistic flair and passion as he grew up.

His story began in Ronda, the city where he was born in 1970. David was the youngest of four brothers and his passion for fashion came from when he was a child. Needle in hand he was determined to help his mother, who was sewing to order at the time.

When he was eighteen he packed his bags and moved to Madrid in search of his own dream but it was not until 2001 that he founded his own brand. Twelve months later, in 2002, he eased into the corridors of fame for the “Cour des miracles” collection, a show that generated a lot of controversy but which earned him a place on the Pasarela Cibeles.

David will always be remembered for his playfulness with patterns. The designer enjoyed deconstructing the clothes and creating unconventional visual effects. His fashion show was always the most anticipated and loved by media for each season.

He was awarded with the “Shangay Express” magazine’s prizes in 2003 and 2007, besides being considered by the world as one of the 25 most influential gays in Spain.

After a hard fight against a serious illness, this famous Malaga man died on June 3, 2017 at his home in Madrid, in front of the Royal Palace. His burning chapel was installed in the Museum of Costume in the capital but his ashes rest forever in Marbella, the city where his family resides.

David Delfin was one of the greats of Spanish fashion. His passion, his genius and his art will remain forever with us because his vast legacy still lives on.

Paraíso Pueblo honours David Delfín, our coolest Malagueño who brought Spanish fashion to the best catwalks in the world.