Have you ever imagined spending your vacation in your own near to the beach? This thought must have crossed your mind more than once because having a house near the beach has more advantages than you think. Here’s a list of reasons why.

More and more people are lucky enough to be able to boast about having their second home near the beach because this is no longer a luxury an emerging request for many looking for the perfect holiday destination.

Living in front of the sea is a continuous source of pleasure because it allows you to exercise or practice your favorite sport, always having in the background an incomparable picture that is the sea. You can also practice sports within reach of a few privileged people such as swimming, surfing, or diving.

One of the great advantages of living near the sea is to watch the sunset every day, because there are never two alike. Enjoying the sunset with your family or friends is something to be envied. Besides, if you have ever had the opportunity to wake up at home and take a dip in the beach minutes later, you will understand.

Another strong argument that will help you decide is that you can always rent your dream home near the sea as the return on investment is assured. Let’s not forget that Spain is one of the preferred tourist destinations for Europeans who come looking for sun and good food, and the Costa del Sol they come to all year round.

The sector is recovering and so are the price of homes, so we are in the right moment to invest in a house near the beach, an investment for the future if we think about retirement. Imagine yourself in this new stage of your life enjoying every day a short drive from the sea without worrying about work.

A house by the beach is also a source of sunlight, which is highly necessary for our wellbeing. The sun is a natural source of vitamin D, essential for our immune system because vitamin D is indicated for those who suffer from bone related diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, or in case of dermatitis.

The sea breeze has the potential to reduce your stress levels, significantly improving your hours of rest. Your nights of sleep will be different, deeper and more pleasant. As you may have seen, there are many reasons to have a home near the beach, you are the one who decides.

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