It is quite common to see sports facilities, swimming pools, spa areas and gardens in the common areas of urbanizations and communities of owners, but many of them make the error of not having properly designed play areas for children. This lack of foresight means that parents have to go out with their children to the nearest parks so that they can have fun in facilities designed for them.

The installation of playgrounds in common grounds of private communities is a very wise decision with many benefits for both children and parents. First of all, these type of spaces allow you to enjoy the community without having to leave the enclosure of the urbanization, thus gaining time and above all in tranquility and security for you and your family.

Outdoor games also allow children to socialise with each other and develop new skills. In this way children will have a magical place to meet, play and spend energy in a safe environment, and these activities help combat sedentarism and child obesity.

Installing a playground is always one of the most valued options for any mother or father because it reinforces parent-child relationships, strengthening the bond through fun experiences during the early stages of childhood. Disconnecting from routine and physical activity is crucial during the first years of life, not to mention the friendships that can be forged in these play and social spaces.

Playgrounds are made up of different play areas with seesaws, slides and swings that stimulate physical and emotional development so that children grow up healthy, happy and strong.

At Paraíso Pueblo we have thought of the little ones by creating places designed for the fun of the whole family near other adult-based amenities, to enable children and their parents to enjoy their time at Paraiso Pueblo, in a safe and secure way.

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