Can you imagine having a conversation with your house?! This seems to be taken from a science fiction movie, but it is already possible to interact with our home from our mobile phone.

Domotic houses are intelligent homes that have automated systems allowing us to control any function in our home: lighting, temperature, multimedia, security, opening and closing doors and windows, air quality, and many more functions.

Life in such a house has many advantages, for example it knows when it is too hot and it cools the rooms, it turns off the lights when there is no one in a room or it allows us to lower the blinds if we are not at home, sending a phone message.

In this way, home automation allows us to simplify some tasks in the house, saving time for other more pleasant activities.

Home automation also has benefits such as saving energy consumption because automation allows us to control lights, heating, air conditioning, ventilation and appliances. You can save up to 30% on your electricity bill in the consumption of the systems in your home.

It also gives us greater security both in fire detection and carbon monoxide pollution risks, as well as in controlling access of intruders to the house. Most systems are equipped with motion sensors and surveillance cameras that report to our mobile phone as soon as a suspicious alert is triggered.

These systems help to promote environmentally responsible actions, controlling the expenditure of resources and consuming only those necessary at any given time. Domotics allows a personalized and responsible management of the different home systems, managing to apply the necessary electrical power to each of them.

Accessibility is another factor to be highlighted, something very important for people with some kind of disability since intelligent homes have an infinite number of options depending on the special needs of each person.

Smart homes are here to stay and to make our lives easier and more efficient. The well-being provided by this type of system turns homes into fun spaces to share in the company of friends and family.

At Paraiso Pueblo we did not want to miss the opportunity to offer this system and make your home a 2.0 home.

We have several optional packages, if you visit us you can try it out in our pilot houses. Simply ask for an appointment at