The province of Malaga has finally reached phase 3 of the de-escalation of the coronavirus pandemic which will allow it to revive its economic activity that had been thriving pre-lockdown.

The new measures for public and private transport are much less rigid than in previous weeks and more in line with normal day to day life, and these changes will have a significant effect on the hotel, trade and tourism sectors.

With more than 3000 years of history, Malaga has become one of the iconic cultural destinations in the world. With Malagueños such as Picasso and Antonio Banderas, Malaga has become well-renowned for a place of culture, creativity and wonder.

The fundamental legacy of the Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs remains embedded in the heritage of the city. The city centre has been restored for pedestrian use and has become a thriving cosmopolitan heartbeat of the city. Simply to consider the following unique buildings and cultural centres are located in Malaga, for the privilege of those who visit and those who live there: Malaga Cathedral, the Alcazaba Palace, the Centre Pompidou Málaga, the Russian Museum Collection, the CAC Málaga, the Carmen Thyssen Málaga Museum, the Municipal Heritage Museum, the Revello de Toro Museum and the Interactive Music Museum (MIMMA) or the beauty of the Picasso Museum, born in Málaga in 1881.

By day or by night, during tapas hour, Malaga acquires the appearance of a boulevard with its restaurants and bars where you can taste its exquisite and varied gastronomy with the best products of the land. All this is just a few steps away from its commercial streets with that breeze, that sun and that aroma of sea and jasmine so characteristic of the city.

Unique heritage, luxury shopping, rich gastronomy, lush nature, inspiring culture and exquisite beaches… Malaga is to be savoured for the connoisseurs. Enjoy your stay in this land. The magic and the mystery, along with the kindness of the people will endure in your soul for a time to come.