Everything in the Universe around us and within us is connected. As all beings are linked together, we share patterns or ways of functioning.

From the first moment we started to develop the logo of Paraíso Pueblo we knew that it had to be made up of the four elements necessary for life.

Water, Fire, Earth and Air are the 4 elements of Nature and can be defined as the energies that cause effects in our being, in our conscience and in our way of understanding the world.

Water is the first of the elements, it is the source of life. It represents the origin of life and its energy is necessary because without it we could not exist. The vital force of Nature and the human body depend on it, where there is water there is life. The vital processes are always linked to the liquid element of Nature.

Water is transparent. Living in health with this natural element makes you a clear and empathetic person, with the ability to adapt to the environment.

Fire represents all the energy in us, something luminous and of great size. It is the element that reacts quickly, with madness, the one that is always exploring options, is impulsive and conquering. It is that element that gives us the opportunity to start over, the bad things we can burn with the fire to be reborn again, in the same way with the story of the Phoenix emerging from the flames.

If you stop to think you will see that in our day to day we have a great amount of symbols related to fire. Fire is what allows us to warm ourselves and protect us from the cold. In short, it is what makes us advance towards our true being, the most enthusiastic and free.

Our mother Earth embodies a solid state, that which we can see and touch, which also refers to the countryside and agriculture, the medium that provides us with sustenance, nature in its most primary state. That which feeds us and represents the most primary of nature.

The Earth offers us its best food, as every good mother takes care of her children but also offers us health in all its corners. The human being is essentially nature, from that union descends our energy and our capacity to live. The fourth element is the one that is everywhere, the one that flies above and below us because the Air allows us to breathe, and to live. Air is an essential element for the development of life on Earth, without it plants, animals, and human beings could not exist.

The more air we breathe, the more energy and heat we have, the air keeps our internal fire alive.

There are other forms of energy, since everything in the universe is energy, but these four are enough by themselves to define all the variety of the physical manifestations that occur in the organisms: Water, Fire, Earth and Air, and that in addition are the 4 differentiated zones in which Paraiso Pueblo is divided.