Málaga is one of the most important gastronomic centers of Spain. Typical Mediterranean cuisine with fresh products, tasty stews, and grilled meat and fish.

During these days of lockdown, we can´t invite you to savour its most traditional dishes, as we are obliged to rest at home for several weeks. Cooking can be an amusing option to pass a good time with the family. We propose three simple dishes from Málaga. Have the courage to do them with the little ones of the house! # I remain at home.


A traditional dish of Roman and Greek origin. It´s a cold soup which is generally served with Moscatel grapes from Axarquía.

Ingredients: Almonds, garlic, frying pan, olive oil, vinegar, melon and raisins.

Preparation: In a blender put almonds, a slice of bread, one or two garlic (extracting the root to make it healthier), salt, olive oil, and as much vinegar as you wish. Mix it all up and if you prefer it thinner, pass it through a colander. To be served cold with pieces of melon and raisins.

Porra Antequerana

A typical dish of Antequera, similar to the “salmorejo*” from Cordoba.

Ingredients: 500 grams of ripe tomatoes, 1garlic clove, 100 grams of Italian-style green pepper, 300 grams of bread crumbs, 0.1 litres of extra virgin olive oil hojiblanca**.

Garnish: hard-boiled eggs, tuna in olive oil, chopped ham and cherry tomatoes.

Preparation: shred the previously peeled tomatoes with the garlic and peppers in the blender. Pass it all in the colander. Add the bread to the mixture so that it starts to absorb part of the liquid. Leave it at rest for at least 15 minutes. Then, put it all in the blender at low speed, check the amount of salt and add the olive oil slowly until you have reached a dense and smooth cream. Let it cool down and serve each portion in a soup plate, overlaying it with a garnish of hard-boiled eggs broken into quarters, canned tuna, ham and cherry tomatoes.

*Tomato soup
**Variety of olive

Malaga salad

A refreshing dish when the heat begins.

Ingredients: 2 middle size potatoes, ½ onion, 2 boiled eggs, 1 small canned tuna in olive oil, 2 small oranges and 12 olives.

French vinaigrette: 1 spoonful of vinegar from Jerez, salt, 3 spoonfuls of olive oil, and 4 finely chopped olives.

Preparation: Boil eggs and potatoes in plenty of saltwater. Leave them to cool and then cut them in dices. Serve them in a plate. Chop the onion in fine slices and add to the plate. Reinforce with the drained tuna and olives.

Peel and slice the orange and place in the salad. The only remaining thing now is to prepare the french vinaigrette mixing all of its ingredients with four chopped olives and a bit of salt. Dress the salad, and now it’s ready for tasting. Advice: now that it´s avocado season substitute the potatoes for avocados.

Remember that Paraiso Pueblo is within the municipality of Benahavis, only a few minutes by car from Puerto Banús, Estepona and the golden beaches of the Costa del Sol.