When Summer arrives hardly anyone can resist a dip in the swimming pool. A delicious pleasure to enjoy while relaxing under the sun.

It´s very probable that you may have heard of infinity swimming pools also called infinity pools. It’s a type of overflowing pool where the outstanding feature lies in its attractive design, mergin the swimming pool with its surrounding. In infinity pools sky and water merge together at the same time that we admire a marvelous landscape, obtaining spectacular and unique effects.

Surely you have more than once been impressed with photographs of spectacular places where it’s difficult to guess where the swimming pool ends, and sky begins. The coolest influencers fill the Instagram galleries with these photos.

The design of the pool is based on the optical illusion which permits that we may admire the landscape from an edge which seems to have no end in the horizon while we swim in its crystaline and relaxing waters.

Another aspect worth mentioning is water being continously renovated, and therefore always clean, tansparent and pure. As the pool doesn´t have sharp edges, it’s much more silent than the traditional ones, due to the muffled sound of water coming in contact with the edges.

The first infinity pools started being constructed in luxury hotels in Thailand, Indonesia and Maldivas Islands. Presently it is not necessary to travel so far to take a dive in one of them.

In our country they represent an important attraction in emblematic hotels or exclusive residential estates who have decided to integrate them for the enjoyment of their guests.

Infinity pools are today more in fashion than ever: let yourself be seduced by the marvelous surroundings in Paraiso Pueblo where sky and water are indeterminable while you observe unparalleled panoramic views over the sea.

This is one reason more for enjoying our organization. Put on your best bikini and let the show beggin!