A Government guide has been published of good practices for work centers so as to prevent contagiousness from COVIS-19 coinciding, for all those employees of non-essential activities that cannot telework, with their reintegration at their work centers.

The guide includes the most essential hygienic and interpersonal distance measures of appliance prior to, during and after work. With regard to the arrival at our work center it´s important to keep interpersonal distance, trying to moderate entry and exit hours in large companies, so that employees may keep the recommended interpersonal distance of approximately 2 meters.

Likewise, it´s also necessary to ensure the interpersonal distance in common areas and avoid large gatherings of persons in the said areas. Reincorporation to normality in those activities that involve risk of cluster should come in last.

What should we do once we are in our workplace?

Paraiso Pueblo recommends cautiousness, first thinking in the safety of our colleagues and loved ones so that our return to our homes will not represent a danger to them. In the case of companies open to the public, measures should be implemented to minimize contact between employees and public.

If we have to collect money, we should promote payment with credit cards among our clients.

It is a mandatory requisite the installment at the entrance, kitchen and rest rooms of hydroalcoholic gel dispensers.

Within the cleaning protocol all wastepaper baskets should be removed and go ahead with a careful cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and contact areas, taking special care in screen computers, keyboards, equipments, computer, mousses, photocopy machines and phones.

Cleaning is recommended with normal products and with a solution a 0.1% sodium hypochlorite (30 ml of bleach per liter of water), always using disposable cloths or wipes.

It will be obligatory to rub and friction the surface with the solution (do not pass twice the same surface with the same cloth) allowing it to act during at least two minutes.