Physical sport allows us to socialize and thus obtain even greater pleasure if you do it in the company of others. It’s been proven that the endorphin level, also known as the happiness hormone, that is generated doing open air sport, its greater if practiced outdoors more than indoors and if it is also done in a group with family or friends the pleasure increases even more.

  1. In the first five minutes of practicing open air exercise, a greater self-esteem is generated, and it raises the spirits.

  2. It is advisable to run in natural routes as it exercises all the muscles and tendons of the legs when changes occur in directions, slopes and even in rhythm.

  3. Some persons due to their lifestyle don´t expose themselves enough to sunshine. Vitamin D helps to prevent cardiovascular disease, improves bone health and the immune system, among other things.

  4. Practicing in large open-air spaces, with few people and exercises easy to practice, in well-known places brings us more a feeling of greater security and peacefulness.

  5. Creating a training habit is hard, but if you find a sport that suits you it will prompt you to practice it always.

  6. To practice several cardiovascular exercises in the middle of nature, like for example running or playing tennis, may represent a greater calorie consumption than doing it indoors.

  7. Training in open air in a clean and pure space helps in eliminating toxins from our body and relaxes our nervous system producing a feeling of general well-being.

Don´t dismay if you are not totally fit because you can adapt the training to your physical condition level. With patience and determination, you will experience improvements in your physical state.

Paraiso Pueblo counts with a placement on the hill for you to practice yoga, fields for multiple sports from football to basket and tennis.

If you prefer, we also have installations with the best outfits for fitness and the latest technology. Remember: Happiness lies first and foremost in health.