Paraiso Pueblo is located in the slopes of Marbella, in the heart of the municipality of Benhavis, only a few minutes by car from Puerto Banús, Estepona and the golden beaches of the Costa del Sol.

Benhavis is in truth a natural and touristic jewel. With a priviliged environment, encircled by peaks, on the slopes of Sierra de las Nieves on the foothillls of Serrania de Ronda.

From Benhavis you can contemplate more than 100 kilometers of Spanish coast and a good part of North Africa, a unique picture of this Andalucian province. A paradise for those who love nature, and a landscape difficult to duplicate which foretells a relaxation for the mind and an inspiration for the senses .

If you observe, you can also behold one of the prettiest corners of the Spanish Peninsula , the Rock of Gibraltar, only less than 50 minutes by car. It´s a choiceless tour with activities for everybody, with it´s singular monkeys, the dolphins route or “Gibraltar Shopping” for those addicts to shopping.

An exceptional climate within the reach of a few with an average annual temperature of 19 º C and with more than 320 days per year of sun. According to the Meteorological State Agency (AEMET) it enjoys an average of 2.900 sun hours.

Sun is synonymous of happiness. Serotonin is the substance that generates a sense of well-being and happiness. The human body accelerates its production with sun. Due to this fact if we were to define the singularity of malagueños, (people from Málaga), it would be without doubt their open character and happiness.

The average temperature is of 18 ºC while the difference between the warmest month and the coldest is only of 11 ºC. This makes the Costa del Sol a unique place to live all year round and a refuge for those whose heath require avoiding high or very low temperatures.

The possibility of enjoying open air allows for the practice of sport activities, which represents a very important health advantage. In addition to the many opportunities for exercise, the Mediterranean diet is well known to be very healthy and beneficial.

But if there is something characteristic of this region it is “biznaga”, the most special fragance of Málaga, one of the best known symbols of this land, which is a handmade composition made with jasmine. During Summer the “biznagueros” make them and sell them keeping alive a tradition that aromatizes the streets.

Get up every the morning and enjoy the exclussive views facing the Mediterranean Sea and the Golf Course: Paraiso Pueblo. Rediscover the Andalusian charm!