Covid-19 has landed in our lives hopefully for a short period of time. Meanwhile there is no other alternative but to remain indoors at home as it´s the only way to combat the virus. If you are one of the lucky persons that can continue to exercise your professional activity at home, follow these tips to efficiently telework.

If you do it correctly you will realize that you´ll have plenty of time to enjoy the hobby that you have waiting for or to sink your teeth into the book Santa Claus brought to you: #IStayAtHome


It is essential to establish a timetable, if possible the same you had at the office. Fulfill the goal so that you have time off for your rest periods.

Set your breaks in advance

If you make short breaks during the day, the list of pending tasks will progressively increase and you´ll have the impression that it has been an endless working day

Shower and dress up

This is a point where many tend to fall short. Although you may not believe it, to perceive you are at work you have to maintain the attitude. When your alarm clock rings, shower and dress just like if you were going to the office. If you work in comfortable clothing or in pyjamas you won´t have the feeling of being active and you´ll not be 100% efficient.

Find a quiet spot

If you´ve never worked at home, this may be one of the principle handicaps you will encounter, especially if children are at home. Ideally your working place should not be your bedroom or sitting room. Avoid those rooms where you spend long hours, so you can keep the separation at bay between domestic activities and work.

Avoid distractions

Working at home doesn´t mean reading all the press or following like crazy all the twitter threads. Are you hooked on social media when you work at the office? Surely not, so now that you´re at home follow the same attitude.

Try to separate domestic tasks from work

During the duration of your working day it´s not advisable to switch on the washing machine or tidy up the house. It will not be easy, but it is super important to differentiate tasks, encircling times and working spaces. If you don´t do it you will be more watchful to when the washing machine stops to hang on the laundry than to answer the mails which will accumulate in the inbox.

Plan the care of the little ones

Do you have children at home? With them everything is more complicated as they require much attention. If you wish to survive with success you’ll have to reconcile the schedules with your partner. One of the two will have to be fulltime watchful of them, turns will have to be established. It´s only a question of good organization.